MET onlin prayer meeting small

 While Covid-19 is restricting us from being able to physically meet together,
using Zoom, MET are hosting an
online Prayer Meeting every Sunday 7 pm - 8 pm,
(sign-in details below)

Stir the Fire 8x8 v1

The Revd Bill Phares, a Methodist minister from Alabama, along with his wife Laura,
are responding to God’s call to come and pray for God to stir the fire again in the UK.
They will be praying at numerous historic Methodist sites,
and invite others, especially Methodists, to participate. 

For further details visit


Weekly Online Bible Studies Using Zoom
BS Acts v1

In June 2021 we started this Bible Study series,
gradually going through Acts. 

Even though each week follows on from the previous week, each session also stands alone,
so it is not essential to attend every week. 
The Monday Bible Study is repeated on the Wednesday to enable more people to join in,
and so that people can participate on whichever night suits them best. 
Zoom ID 714 714 2714 Passcode 714714

For further details contact Derek

Click here for Zoom Instructions

Zoom works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC's and can also be accessed by just using an ordinary phone. For instructions about using Zoom on your device click the icon below:
To join in with the prayer meeting or the Bible Study you will need to use the following
ID 714 714 2714. These numbers have been chosen because they link to the devotions that we started the first online prayer meeting with, 2 Chronicles 7:14. Mathematicians may find it easy to remember as 2 x 7 = 14. Isaiah 7:14 is also an important verse for these challenging times, he prophesied the birth of ‘Immanuel’, meaning ‘God with us’. To obtain the passcode please email Derek at 

Please join with us in seeking God's help for our nation and world at this troubled time.