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The Revd Derek Balsdon is
the Development Worker for MET.
Derek takes appointments around the Connexion,
at the invitation of Districts, circuits and churches. 
Derek is willing to preach/teach in-person and online line. 
To make bookings for 2022/23, please contact Derek
or phone 01260 297609 I 07958 549146

Examples of Preaching/Teaching/Retreat themes shared by Derek Balsdon:

Scriptural HolinessBible Acts 1
Spirit Empowered Mission
Using Spiritual Gifts within Sunday Services
Word and Spirit
Biblical Perspectives on Marriage
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us
Forgiveness - Enables us to Serve Well and Stay Refreshed
Hearing God's Voice
Will your anchor hold? Trusting God during times of change
Preaching Good News Today: How can we biblically preach Good News in this 21st century?
Exploring the Spiritual Battle
Images of the Holy Spirit: How can we experience more of God's Spirit?

Bible Study Series:

The 'I am' sayings of Jesus (8 sessions)
Messianic Prophecies (3 sessions)

The Message of Ruth Today (5 sessions)
Luke's Look at Jesus (many sessions) (7 or 14 sessions)
The Acts of The Apostles (many sessions)
John 1:1-18 (2 sessions)