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Remaining Faithful Network Log

MET - Writing Faithfully 

MET urges you to write letters to
your Minister, Superintendent, Chair of District,
Circuit Representatives to Synod
and District Representatives to Conference.

For a briefing sheet with some suggestions of what to

within letters visit MET Writing Faithfully


Regional Gatherings

MET are planning a number of 'Regional Gatherings'
this Autumn and next Spring for all those who are 
concerned about the current direction of travel in
the Methodist Church on issues concerning
Marriage and Relationships. 
Visit Regional Gatherings


MET - Faithful Listening -  
A response to the 2019 Conference report 'God in Love Unites Us'

To read MET's response (June 2019) visit MET - Faithful Listening



To read MET's initial statement regarding the 2019 Methodist Conference (July 2019) visit MET Initial Statement


MET - Speaking Faithfully -
an encouragement to get involved with
the God in Love Unites Us consultations.
Visit Speaking Faithfully



Jesus and Homosexual Practices

A look at Jesus' attitude towards homosexual practice, by Methodist Minister and New Testament scholar, the Revd Dr Peter Ensor. To read this article visit Jesus and homosexual Practices


Visit Additional Resources 
to read additional articles written by MET Partners