MET Connexion 

Living the Faith (Part 1)
The following are articles from Winter 2017/18 METconnexion
Editorial                                                      Anne Middleton
What's Our Mission                                  Loraine Mellor
The Rhythm of Discipleship   
                Jill Baker
Sharing Jesus - Not An Added Extra   
 Andy Frost
What Does It Mean To Be Church   
      Graham Horsley
Handling Scripture Well 
                        Ed Mackenzie
Pornography - The Naked Truth 
          Ian Henderson
A Lifelong Encounter   
                            Tim Woolley
Sanctifying Grace (Bible Study)  
          Howard Mellor

Living the Faith (Part 2)
The following articles are from the 2018 Spring edition of METconnexion

Editorial                                                     Anne Middleton
Do Justice, Love Kindness                    Ian Rutherford
Is Christianity Compatible with Science?  David Wilkinson
Revival and the End Time Glory of God    William Porter
Seeking Spiritual Renewal                   Paul Wilson
Is God my Father?                                  Nick and Linda Holt
The Holy Spirit                                        Ashley Cooper
The Uniqueness of Christ                     Paul Smith
Why did Jesus die?                                Gill Newton
Us and Others                                         Stephen Skuce
Living the Faith with Wheat and Weeds (Bible Study) Louise Gough