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Summer 2022: Serving the King - Platinum Jubilee edition  Spring 2022 - V9-2-1

Jonathan Burnside - Biblical Law & the Servant Queen
Catherine Butcher - Celebrating The Queen's 70 Years of Faithful Service
Tim Thorlby & Matt Williams - Proclaiming a Jubilee for a New Generation
Catherine Hutton - Bible Study: Micah Part 1
David Moss - Serving King & Queen
Carl Trueman - Learning from the Ancient Church
Ross Addington - Praying Always


Winter 2021/2022: Rediscovering Our FoundationsWinter 2022 - V8 (1)-1

Editorial - Marian Izzard
From the Development Worker - Derek Balsdon
Rediscovering Our Foundations - David Hull 
Bible Study: Titus 3:1-15 Spiritual Living - Gareth Higgs 
Conflict Resolution in Scripture - Covenant as TreatyPeter Hatton 
2022:The Year to Campaign to End The Persecution - Fiona Bruce MP
Being Human - Jo Frost 
Good News - Andy Jarvis & Anne Jarvis
A New Normal? - Bart Woodhouse 
Resource Reviews 
Praying Always - Roz Addington 
Letter From the Chair - David Hull 

Winter 2020/2021: Speak, Lord: Discerning God's Voice in a Confusing World 

Winter 2020 V7-1

Editorial - Marian Izzard
From the Development Worker - Derek Balsdon
How Truth has stumbled in the Public Square - Andrea Williams
Artistic Beauthy in Creation - Janette Goringe

Cliff College: An Amazing Journey: Past, Present & Future - Ashley Cooper
Hearing God's Voice Through Prayer - Hane Holloway
What is the Lord Saying to the Methodist Church? - David Hull 
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Psalm 19:1-4
Good News Stories - Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer
God's Heart for Unity in Diversity - Titilola Ossai 
Hearing God's Voice when Creation is Groaning - Dave Booless
Resource Reviews

Bible Study: 1 samuel 25 - Portrait of Abigail - John Job  
Praying Always -Roz Addington 
Letter From the Chair - David Hull

Autumn 2020: Revival Autumn 2020 Final Print Versio

Huw Priday - Characteristics of Revival
Carolyn Lawrence - The Best of All is God is With Us
Anne Middleton - See, I am Doing a New Thing
John M M Senyonyi: The East Africa Revival: Lessons for the Churtch Today
David Hull in conversation with Keith Jarvis: See how Great a Flame Aspires, Kindled by a Spark of Grace
William Porter: The 18th Century Wesleyan Revival: An Encouragement for Prayer for Revival Today
Kevin Jones: Bible Study Colossians 4:1-18 Revival: God's Part and Ours
Roz Addington: Praying Always


Summer 2020: Hope in Hard Times Summer 2020 V9-1

Andrew Ollerton - The Elephant in the Zoom
Nick Fletcher - Insights from a Newly Elected MP
Georgina Coster - Set Free to be the Hands & Feet of Jesus
Marianee Clough - Rising to the Challenge of Meeting Need in the Covid 19 Crisis
Pete Phillips - The Rise of the Online Church During the Covid 19 pandemic
Liam Hathaway- What to Expect, When You're Expecting... God's Guidance
Doing Things Differently in Lockdown - various contributors
Kath Jones - Bible Study: Philippians 1 Life in Lockdown: Rejoicing in the Progress, Proclamation & Power of Faith
Georgina Jenkin -Yesterday, Today & Forever
Ali Johnson - Thriving, Not Just Surviving, through Covid 19
Derek Balsdon - Praying Always

The Word: Spring 2020

Spring 2020 - Version 10-2-1

Editorial    Marian Izzard
Development Worker Update    Derek Balsdon
Remaining Faithful In The Year Ahead    David Hull
The Word - Active in East Anglia    Catherine Hutton
Hidden in Plain Sight    Nathan Veall
The Threefold Word Of God    Peter Ensor
Spreading The 'Word' in Rotherham    Joanne Siddall
Cultural Humility - Kingdom Confidence    Bart Woodhouse
The Selfie Syndrome: The Postmodern Downgrade of Theology    Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman
Developing Spiritual Fruit (Bible Study Colossians 3:1-17)    Kevin Jones
A Church To Connect With    Amanda Martin
Resources Reviews
Praying Always

The Glorious Church: Autumn 20192019 Autumn 1 Glorious Church

Editorial    Marian Izzard
The Glorious Church    David Hull
Development Worker Update    Derek Balsdon 
God Moves in Mysterious Ways    Carolyn Lawrence
The Key to Revival    Ben Juliano
The Digital Church in 2019     Ali Johnson
United Methodists Face Uncertain Future    Chris Ritter
Evangelicalism in the Methodist Church in Ireland    Ken Robinson
All We Can    Aimee Nott
Standing Up For Freedom Because Christ Has Set Us Free    Danny Webster
Letter From The Chair    David Hull

Vocation, Location, Participation: Winter 2018/19MET Connexion Winter 2018-1

Editorial    Anne Middleton
Introduction To The New MET Development Worker    Derek Balsdon
Vacate To Vocate - Itinerancy    Darren Middleton
Subplots  Andy Frost
Complex Character Of Calling   Joanna Williamson
Vocation And Education    Ashley Cooper
Job, Career Or Calling?    Carolyn Lawrence
Good News Stories    Marine de Villepin and Anne Foster
Fives Vs Of Discernment    Mark Williamson
Work, Creativity And Vocation    Colin Smith
Resources Reviews
The Danger of Deception (Bible Study Colossians 2:1-23)
   Kevin Jones
Final Words From The Editor    Anne Middleton
Praying Always
Letter From The Chair    David Hull

Transforming Minds: Autumn 2018Autumn 2018 - Digital-1

Editorial    Anne Middleton
Blessed to be a Blessing    Paul Wilson
The Healing of the Legion    Gill Dascombe
We Need to Talk About Mental Heath    Kate Sharma, Cinnamon Network
The Labyrinth Of Life    Fiona Fidgin
There, But For The Grace Of God, Go I...    Ann Hall
Easter Hope    Richard Iball
Good News Stories    Kerry Gibson, Jackie Greatorex
Indulge Me - But Don't Overdo It!    Mike Jackson
The Power Of Welcome     Kathryn Taylor
Resources Reviews
The Supremacy of Christ (Bible Study Colossians 1:15-23)    Kevin Jones
Report From The MET AGM & SW Conference Report
Life Labyrinth    Louise Gough
Praying Always
From The Chair     David Hull

Living the Faith (Part 1): Winter 2017/18

Editorial    Anne Middleton
What's Our Mission    Loraine Mellor
The Rhythm Of Discipleship
    Jill Baker
Sharing Jesus - Not An Added Extra   
 Andy Frost
What Does It Mean To Be Church
    Graham Horsley
Handling Scripture Well
    Ed Mackenzie
Pornography - The Naked Truth
    Ian Henderson
A Lifelong Encounter
    Tim Woolley
Sanctifying Grace (Bible Study)
    Howard Mellor
Praying Always 
Letter From The Chair    David Hull

Living the Faith (Part 2): Spring 2018

Editorial     Anne Middleton
Do Justice, Love Kindness     Ian Rutherford
Is Christianity Compatible with Science?    David Wilkinson
Revival and the End Time Glory of God    William Porter
Seeking Spiritual Renewal    Paul Wilson
Is God my Father?    Nick and Linda Holt
The Holy Spirit    Ashley Cooper
The Uniqueness of Christ    Paul Smith
Why did Jesus die?    Gill Newton
Us and Others    Stephen Skuce
Living the Faith with Wheat and Weeds (Bible Study)    Louise Gough